2020: a watershed year for Indigenous art

When the WAG Inuit Art Centre opens in 2020, it will increase Canadians’ understanding and appreciation of Inuit art, perspectives and history, and build bridges between North and South.

On November 8, 2018 the Gallery announced it is establishing the Winnipeg Indigenous Biennial, set to launch in 2020 in conjunction with the opening of the WAG Inuit Art Centre.

Both of these events reflect the WAG’s recognition of the power of art to promote understanding and reconciliation, and the Gallery’s commitment to ensuring Indigenous voices are leading conversations about their art.

WAG Director & CEO, Dr. Stephen Borys says, “Canada is experiencing a renaissance of Indigenous art, and the Gallery is honoured to be part of this exciting movement.”

Learn more about the inaugural Winnipeg Indigenous Biennial at wag.ca

Above: The curators for the inaugural year of Winnipeg Indigenous Biennial in 2020: Jaimie Isaac (left), WAG Curator of Indigenous & Contemporary Art; and Dr. Julie Nagam, Chair in the History of Indigenous Art in North America, University of Winnipeg/WAG.