Designed as an invitation to all

Your generous support is creating a place for people to gather together to learn, tell stories, celebrate art, and build bridges of understanding.

Delivering engaging programming and ensuring the WAG Inuit Art Centre expresses an open invitation to everyone in our community are critical to this spirit of openness.

The building’s entire main level will be free to the public, welcoming people inside to engage with the art, exhibitions, and displays.

As you come in the Centre’s doors, you will find yourself in Inuit Hall-a light-filled atrium with the stunning Glass Vault at its centre, revealing thousands of Inuit carvings.

Inuit Hall will be a popular meeting place and a hub for community gatherings and special events.

The WAG Inuit Art Centre’s main level will also include a café and other visitor services.

The expanded WAG Gallery Shop will open up with large street-facing windows, providing yet another connection between the public and art.

We can hardly wait for you to experience your WAG Inuit Art Centre in 2020!

Above: Exterior rendering of WAG Inuit Art Centre. Michael Maltzan Architecture.