Inuit Art Centre Construction update

The site of the WAG Inuit Art Centre was already prepared for construction when the official groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 25, 2018. The old Studio building had come down and mechanical, electrical, and other services had been installed to serve both the existing WAG building and the new Centre.

The driving of 169 piles to support the building is now complete, including four steel piles to support the on-site tower crane.

Be sure to watch for the Centre’s structural steel frame going up, beginning in November. Some very large spans will be required to support the main gallery’s expansive, 8000-sqft space. Before year-end, most of the concrete basement, floors, circular emergency stairs, and elevator cores will be poured.

The WAG is all about making art more accessible and collaborating with community partners. So we’re thrilled to be working with Inuit artist Kailey Sheppard, Graffiti Art Programming, and Synonym Art Consultation as part of the 2018 Wall-to-Wall Festival, to install a unique work of Sheppard’s art on a covered walkway outside the construction site this Fall. Come by and have a look, starting mid-September!