WAG Warming Huts

If you missed the Arctic Topiaries warming hut along the river trail this season, or you wish you had a few more days to keep walking along the frozen river, you can re-live the experience here in this video!

This winter marked the 10th anniversary of the Warming Huts at The Forks. To celebrate this milestone and the future WAG Inuit Art Centre, Michael Maltzan Architecture (MMA) participated as a special guest in Warming Huts v.2019. Working with Cibinel Architecture in Winnipeg, MMA is the lead designer of the WAG Inuit Art Centre.

Every year, the Warming Huts: An Art and Architecture Competition on Ice receives hundreds of entries from around the world, with proposals to build innovative warming shelters. Entitled Arctic Topiaries, MMA’s design was inspired by the landscape of the North and topiary gardens. The architects are based in California, so we engaged our friends at the Manitoba Inuit Association to share some of their snow building techniques, and local artist and snow sculpture, Jakobi Heinrichs, led the team of constructors.

This North-South collaboration is at the heart of the WAG Inuit Art Centre, opening in 2020.

Big thanks to all our of our partners listed above, and to our sponsor Sparrow Hotels and to The Forks and Sputnik Architecture for hosting the Arctic Topiaries and helping make another Winnipeg winter feel warm!

Video by Handcraft Creative.